5 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In NYC Between December 8th-14th

Check out these restaurants, pop-ups, and special events all around NYC.

We’re just a week into the onslaught of holiday happenings, and we’re feeling some fatigue—we’re maxed out on cranberry cocktails, and our AirPods go in before Bublé fills the lobby. Thankfully, the city’s come up with some creative new ways to IV-drip holiday cheer back into our veins. Shake things up at one of this week’s events to stay in the spirit.

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CaribBeing Holiday Market

All the booths around the city with artisanal fudge and peppermint bath bombs are starting to blend together. If you’re looking for something different, Brooklyn-based CaribBeing is holding their 5th Annual Holiday Market in their CaribBeing House, a repurposed mobile shipping container you may have seen around Flatbush hosting art installations. Until Dec. 30th you can find them at the LeFrak Center in Prospect Park selling goods from Black-owned Brooklyn brands like Avalah and Perry Boyce.

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Temperance Wine Bar

Wine Bar in West Village

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  • Drinking Good Wine

At any given time, Temperance Wine Bar offers 100+ selections on its wine list. But, eventually, you’ll have to take the party home, and this Friday’s pop-up event at the bar has a few fun things for that. Temperance invited Prospect Heights bakery Der Pioneer to sell their seasonal Christmas stollen on the premises, and you’ll also be able to grab Temperance wine openers, drop stops, and other items you’ll need to enjoy the wines you pair with your stollen. Place your order online, and stop by to pick up your goods at Temperance between 4-6 pm on Friday December 3rd, 10th, and 17th.

Fulgurances, Laudromat

Experimental in New York

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In case you missed it, David Chase recently revealed what happened in the final scene of the Sopranos. Tony choked on chicken parm—his last words were “poor you.” Just kidding. We won’t spoil it, but if you attend Fulgurances first Kitchen Party event this Monday, Dec. 13th, expect a heated debate all night. The Sopranos-themed night will feature a five-course, family-style Sunday gravy meal, and, most likely, someone saying “gabagool” in Tony’s accent every five minutes. (It’s just too fun to say.)

Next Slide Please

Sitting through yet another PowerPoint presentation is a hard sell, but what if you bequeathed that laser pointer to a cartoonist from The New Yorker or a Comedy Central regular? Take your boss, hell, take the whole office to the Next Slide Please comedy show on Wednesday, Dec. 8th to learn a little something about the modern art of keeping people awake during a PowerPoint. Past guests on the show have touched on topics like writing jingles no one asked for, dinosaur IQs, and, our personal favorite, a musical treatise on Melania by Ziwe of Showtime’s Ziwe. Is that something you could send in an email?

3rd & B'zaar

Vintage hunting is a full-time job. Pursue this career at the 3rd & B’zaar holiday market, now open in the East Village with a collection of vintage clothing, art, and zines for sale. It’s open until Dec. 24th, but if someone swoops the fur stole of your dreams before you show up, you’ll never get over it— so you should probably head over soon.

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