The Sunday Night Delivery Guide

Sunday night still counts as the weekend, and you probably want to cap it off with a good meal. Here’s how to do that without leaving your couch.
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Sunday night is tricky. It’s still very much your weekend (despite those work emails that refer to it in the past tense: “Hope you had a good weekend! Can you do X by the AM?”), but Monday morning is looming. Not to mention the fact that you might still be hungover from your decisions yesterday, and feeling like even putting on real clothes would be a legitimate challenge right now.

But none of that is any excuse not to have an excellent meal to cap off your weekend. Because the solution requires nothing more than a click (or two). Here are our go-to spots for Sunday night delivery, all available on Caviar.




Little Italy

$$$$Perfect For:Casual Weeknight DinnerKeeping It Kind Of HealthyLunchOutdoor/Patio SituationVegetarians
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If your weekend diet involved a steady stream of tequila and late night pizza, Sunday night may leave you feeling like you should start making more responsible, healthy decisions. Seamore’s lets you do that, without making you go full steamed tofu and greens. We recommend the Reel Deal, which comes with the fish and three sides of the day. The only decision you have to make is what sauce to get - we like the Red Curry.

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When deciding on a Sunday night delivery option, you’re likely to cycle through the usual options: the average local Thai spot, the average local sushi spot, maybe an Italian place you tried once. What a thrilling way to end your two-day vacation, right? Wrong. Instead, mix things up by placing an order from Cafe Habana. The Cuban sandwich is an all-time great, and the Chicken & Corn salad is surprisingly satisfying. A side of plantains is necessary.

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If you go to Spaghetti Incident in person and get takeout, they’ll serve you spaghetti in a paper cone, which turns out to be an unbelievably satisfying way to eat spaghetti. If you order it for delivery, it won’t come in a cone, but you’ll still get some tasty, reasonably priced amatriciana or pesto. There are some nice salads as well.

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You’ll see a number of Chinese food delivery options on this list - Red Farm is the one we go for when we’re feeling a little bit fancy. The “pac man” dumplings come in four different colors, so you’ll probably want to order those if you like your food to be cute, and you’ll probably want to order the Katz’s pastrami egg roll if you like your food to be delicious.

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Pizza delivery. One of America’s greatest traditions and most triumphant innovations. And it’s no greater or more triumphant than in New York, when the best pizza spots in the city (and therefore the world) will bring their circles of joy directly to your door. When you want pizza delivery, and you also want it to be a top-tier pizza experience, you order Motorino.

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Fun fact: a bowl of pho is the best hangover cure. You’ve got it all: salt, liquid, carbs, protein, and vegetables. Pho Shop has quickly become one of our favorite Uptown delivery options, and we like the summer rolls in addition to any of the soups. By the way, if you’re still hungover by Sunday night, well, maybe reconsider your choices next weekend.

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Han Dynasty makes some of our favorite Chinese food in the city, and it happens to also deliver quite well. Plan to order Dan Dan Noodles, Wontons in Chili Oil, and Dry Pepper Chicken. Plan for your tongue to be a little numb from the spice - it’ll pass by the time you’re done with Game Of Thrones or Westworld or Homeland or whatever it is people watch on Sunday nights these days.

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We understand that ramen was invented by very smart Japanese people. But in the middle of New York winter, it kind of feels like ramen was invented for the sole purpose of thawing the people of our city. Especially when we have places like Chuko, which will not only serve you some of the best ramen in town, but will also make sure it gets delivered to your doorstep. Thank you Japan, and thank you New York City.

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Some Sundays, you have terrible separation anxiety with your couch. So much so that you wouldn’t move off of it even if someone told you they’d give you a pony to go outside. And that’s fine. Because thanks to Chavela delivery, the party can be brought to you. All of the Mexican food at this place is good, and all of it will make your couch an even better place to not leave until you’re on the verge of getting fired.

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There are a lot of reasons to like Emmy Squared: the thick crust with crispy outsides and chewy insides, the perfect cheese to sauce ratio, the fact that when you eat it you can close your eyes and pretend you’re eight years old and playing in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese’s. But we also like Emmy Squared because it allows us to believe we’re not ordering pizza delivery for the third time this week. We’re ordering Detroit-style pizza. And that’s different.

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We couldn’t name many places we’d rather order Chinese delivery from over Kings County Imperial. Our only real issue with it is having to narrow down an order to a semi-reasonable amount of food. The solution: invite friends. Lots of them. Sunday nights might have a low-key reputation, but you and your crew and King’s County Imperial are about to change all that. But whether it’s just you or it’s ten of you, don’t even consider going light on dumplings.

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