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The Best Restaurants At LaGuardia Airport

Because LaGuardia is actually nice now.

If you had told someone 10 years ago that LaGuardia was New York City’s best airport, they would have laughed. Yet, LaGuardia is the best airport in the New York area now, with billions of dollars being poured into LGA’s B and C terminals to build new restaurants and massive windows that let in tons of natural light. Terminal A is the airport’s kind-of-ugly step-sister in comparison, but in its defense, it is a historic site

At LaGuardia, you’ll find New York City staples like Dos Toros and Chuko Ramen, along with a strong collection of grab-and-go spots, many of which allow you to order ahead while you’re waiting in line for TSA. Grab a seat, relax by the giant water fountain, and make a note to pass through LaGuardia more often. 



Sit Down

Your choices are pretty limited at Terminal A, so if you’re wanting something more substantial than a coffee and donut from Dunkin, your best bet is Salotto. They serve Italian dishes like personal-sized pizzas, caprese salads, and more. 


Zaro’s Family Bakery

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If coffee is your first destination post-TSA, you can grab some here, plus some black and white cookies, bagels, or savory spinach and cheese turnovers. We recommend enjoying them while you watch Terminal B’s floor-to-ceiling fountain with music and flying holograms. 

Green Leaf's

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You can customize your choice of salad, wrap, or grain bowl at this spot located right at the main atrium in Terminal B. For a healthier meal before your flight, the falafel salad makes for a great vegetarian option, and the smoothies are a solid sweeter treat. 

Hill Country

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While the barbecue here is decent, you really should go for the fried chicken tenders, which have the perfect amount of shatter in each bite and come with waffle fries. You can order them plain or drenched in hot honey, but get the sauce on the side—that way you don’t risk making your tray table sticky if you bring it on the plane. 


To Go

Junior’s famous cheesecakes always hit the spot if you’re craving something rich and sweet, and you can grab a slice or other desserts at this counter in the terminal’s main atrium. The classic cheesecake is the best, but you also can’t go wrong with red velvet or chocolate cake. 

Dos Toros

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Dos Toros is a solid spot for tasty tacos and burritos, the latter of which is the most convenient for bringing with you on the plane. They also do bowls with salad greens, grains, or nachos.

Shake Shack

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The Shake Shack in Terminal B is always a consistent option if you’re looking for a decent burger. We’re big fans of their breakfast sandwiches, which feel even more special since they aren’t available at other Shake Shack locations across the country. 

Mulberry Street

Sit Down

This Italian spot serves pizzas, salads, and pastas, but where they really excel is the paninis. They’re perfectly pressed and cheesy, and come with your choice of turkey, prosciutto, or portobello mushrooms. You might wait a bit for the table-side service, but the open seating area makes for some great people-watching. 

Brooklyn Diner

Sit Down

You can grab Brooklyn Diner’s iconic pastrami sandwiches and burgers at their LGA outpost, which has a large seating area conveniently located in one of Terminal B’s skyways that overlook the tarmac. Wait out a delay at one of the comfy booths, which also have a clear view of the TVs hanging above the counter. 

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

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Irving Farm is a solid spot to grab a decent latte and cold brew, but note that it’s in the Eastern Concourse, so be prepared for a bit of a walk if your gate isn’t close by. We also love how there’s plenty of bench seating and greenery in this part of the Terminal.


Chuko Ramen

Sit Down

LaGuardia’s Delta terminal also reopened with a giant face-lift this year, with many excellent new dining options. Chuko is one of our favorite ramen spots in all of New York City, so naturally, the LGA counterpart is a solid option. We always find ourselves going with the kimchi ramen, but a bowl of classic sesame garlic is a good decision, too. 


Sit Down

Like its cozy counterpart in Tribeca, Bubby’s is where you can find lots of comfort food like fried chicken, fluffy pancakes, and homemade buttermilk biscuits. Whether you’re craving a slice of pie and a coffee or a plate of buffalo wings, this spot has you covered. 

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photo credit: Port Authority of NY and NJ

The Best Restaurants At LaGuardia Airport guide image