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The Best Oyster Happy Hours In NYC

The Best Oyster Happy Hours In Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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If oysters grew on trees, we’d be planting those things 24/7. Unfortunately, they grow in the ocean - where it’s cold and dark and full of squid so large we all just call them “giant squid.” And maybe that’s why oysters are so expensive. The good news is, oyster Happy Hours exist. Here’s our list of the best ones in NYC, updated for Summer 2018.

The Spots


The Flower Shop

$$$$ 107 Eldridge St

When: Weekdays, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters

Mostly, we like The Flower Shop because it’s fun to drink in a basement that feels like a suburban home from the 1970s. But sometimes we hang out in the restaurant on the ground floor, which is a nice place to eat oysters with coworkers or a date on the Lower East Side. Once you finish eating, you can head downstairs and play pool.

Good Night Sonny

$$$$ 134 1st Ave

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $8 Cocktails

Bars like Good Night Sonny aren’t supposed to exist on St. Marks. This is, for the most part, a street for tourists and NYU students who don’t know where else to go. But Good Night Sonny is a great casual cocktail bar where you can grab a little table by some big windows and have a conversation with someone. It’s perfect for a date, especially during Happy Hour when drinks are discounted and oysters are $1.

Flex Mussels

$$$$ 174 E 82nd St

When: Mon-Fri, 5-7pm; Sat, 2:30-7pm; Sun, 2:30-10pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, Discounted Drinks

If you couldn’t tell from the name, this place specializes in shellfish. Most of the menu consists of mussels prepared a bunch of different ways, but there’s also a daily selection of oysters. They’re only $1 during Happy Hour (which goes even longer on Saturdays and Sundays). The original Flex Mussels location is on the Upper East Side, but there’s another in the West Village for anyone who doesn’t go above 14th Street.

Belle Reve

American  in  Tribeca
$$$$ 305 Church St.

When: Monday-Friday, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $15 Burger and Narragansett

Belle Reve is a restaurant/bar in Tribeca, and it’s good for a lot of things: late-night dining, boozy brunch, casual hangs with your coworkers, etc. This place is kind of divey, but the food is better than you expect, and there are usually some weird/fun things happening at night. All that, and they do a Happy Hour from 4-7pm. So if you live or work in the area, it’s good to know about Belle Reve.

Zadie's Oyster Room

$$$$ 413 E 12th St

When: Monday-Saturday, 5-7pm

The Deal: Chef’s Choice Oyster for $1.50

Zadie’s is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a room, and they do oysters a bunch of different ways. There are a few other things on the menu, but don’t count on having a full dinner here - this place is good for when you’re wandering around with a friend and you need to sit down for a minute to bounce five-year plans off each other. Come during Happy Hour, grab some stools, and have some oysters with sparkling wine.

The Jeffrey

$$$$ 311 E. 60th St.

When: Wednesday-Sunday, 4-7pm & 11pm-1am; Monday and Tuesday, 11pm-1am

The Deal: $15 For 6 Oysters & Select Happy Hour Drinks

We recommend The Jeffrey all the time for a variety of situations. It’s one of the best options for casual drinks, watching sports, or hanging outdoors on the UES, and it’s big enough for all your friends. The oyster Happy Hour deal also comes with a beer (and it happens twice daily). If you happen to miss one Happy Hour, just drink your way to the next.

Jeffrey’s Grocery

$$$$ 172 Waverly Pl.

When: Monday-Friday, 4-6pm

The Deal: $1.50 Oysters

Jeffrey’s Grocery is a classic West Village neighborhood spot with an excellent raw bar and a whole lot of Feel Good Factor. The latter is amplified during Happy Hour, when you can have a bunch of $1.50 oysters.

Crave Fishbar

$$$$ 945 2nd Ave.

The Deal: $1 Oysters

When: Daily, 5-7pm

If you’re looking to eat delicious food and hang out in the mid-50’s on the east side, there’s no better place to do it than Crave Fishbar. The menu is filled with seafood hits, but the oyster Happy Hour is particularly excellent as all their assorted oysters are $1.

Bar Belly

$$$$ 14 Orchard St.

When: Mon-Fri, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters; $4 Session Beers; $8 Wines; $8 Cocktails

Bar Belly is the ideal post-work hang for when you don’t want to commit to a full meal. Have a drink, eat some oysters, and listen to some live music, which they feature frequently.

The Wayland

$$$$ 700 E 9th St

When: Monday-Friday, 4-7pm

The Deal: $8 Cocktails; $1 Oysters $5 Oyster Shooters; $7 Glasses Of Wine; $4-5 Beer

The Wayland is the ultimate all-purpose bar. You can use it for first dates, after-work hangs, and rowdy Saturday night drinking. But you should also be using it for weekday Happy Hour, when they serve $1 oysters and have discounts on their excellent cocktails.

The Dead Rabbit

$$$$ 30 Water St

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters

The Dead Rabbit is one of the best bars in the Financial District. Actually, it’s one of the best bars in the city. So you can expect a crowd when you go. They do excellent cocktails here, and there’s oyster Happy Hour every day in the second-floor “parlor” space.

Black Crescent

$$$$ 76 Clinton St

When: Daily, 6-8pm

The Deal: $.99 North Shore Oysters, $9 Cocktails, $3 Genesee Cream Ale, $8-9 Wine

It’s hard to come across a normal bar on the Lower East Side. You know, something without a gimmick. Like couches covered in plastic. Or arcade games. Or a toilet-less bathroom where you’re just supposed to do drugs. Black Crescent has none of those things. It’s just a normal-looking room with good food and a great oyster Happy Hour.

The Mermaid Inn

$$$$ 570 Amsterdam Ave.

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1.25 Oysters; $1 Clams; $5 Draft Beers; $7 Wines; $8 Select Cocktails

There’s one Mermaid Inn in the East Village, a second on the Upper West Side, and a third location in the West Village with a slightly smaller menu. All of them do the same oyster Happy Hour with some very affordable wine and beer. The UWS location is perfect for parents, the East Village one is great for a casual date night, and the oyster bar in the West Village is good for a drink with someone’s younger sibling who wants your career advice. Choose accordingly.

Sel Rrose

$$$$ 1 Delancey St.

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters

Sel Rrose is a super cool space with decent food and an excellent oyster Happy Hour that happens daily from 4-7pm. The oyster specials are always changing, and they have a lot of different options. If you work in the Soho/Nolita/Chinatown area, this is a great place to have in your back pocket.

The Ten Bells

$$$$ 247 Broome St.

When: Daily, Until 7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $15 Carafe Of Wine

A lower, Lower East Side staple for more than a decade now, The Ten Bells is one of those bars that’s always a good time. It has a ton of character, is filled with regulars, and has way better food than a fun wine bar in this part of town really needs to have. On top of that, they serve $1 oysters during Happy Hour.

Upstate Craft Beer & Oyster Bar

$$$$ 95 1st Ave.

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: Half-Dozen Oysters & A Beer For $12 or $16 With Wine

For quality per dollar, Upstate Oyster Bar’s $12, 6 oyster + 1 beer deal is tough to beat. On the outside, it may not seem like much, but this is where the aficionados go. Upstate gets their oysters fresh daily, and the special includes whatever is just coming in off the boat. This is the ultimate neighborhood restaurant - if you’ve never been, you are doing yourself a disservice.


$$$$ 122 E. 7th St.

When: Daily, 6-7pm (and All Night Sunday & Monday)

The Deal: $1 Oysters

Desnuda is one of those constantly-overlooked restaurants that deserves some love. They also smoke oysters with a gravity bong, which is not part of the deal, but definitely something you should consider partaking in.

Terroir Tribeca

$$$$ 24 Harrison St.

When: Daily, 4-6pm & 11pm-Close

The Deal: $2 Off Bar Snacks; $1.25 Oysters; $2-$4 Off Every Glass Of Wine

Terroir is an extremely reliable wine bar that’s also pretty casual. It isn’t going to be filled with people who just got out of a matinee performance of Madame Butterfly at The Met, and you won’t feel like you have to whisper. Plus, the food is great, and they have a massive selection of wines. So stop by during either of their Happy Hour periods and get some wine and shellfish.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

$$$$ 89 E. 42nd St.

When: Monday-Wednesday, 4:30-7pm; Saturday, 1-5pm

The Deal: $1.35 Blue Point Oysters, $1 Littleneck Clams, Various Food/Drink Specials

For Grand Central commuters, it doesn’t get more convenient than one of the oldest, most storied restaurants in NYC. Grand Central Oyster Bar has one of the biggest daily selections of oysters anywhere in NYC. Blue Points are the only raw oyster on special, but you can definitely do worse than $1.35 for the local goods.



$$$$ 794 Washington Ave

When: Tuesday-Thursday, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $5 House Beer

If you’re in Prospect Heights but you’d rather be in New Orleans, you can either sit around your house scrolling through pictures of other people’s bachelorette parties - or you can go to Lowerline. This is a little Creole soul food restaurant in Prospect Heights, and they serve stuff like gumbo, po’ boys, and crawfish etoufee. There are also oysters here, and they’re only $1 each from 5-7pm.

Atrium DUMBO

American  in  DUMBO
$$$$ 15 Main St

When: Weekdays 5:30-7pm (At The Bar Only)

The Deal: $1 Oysters

If you live or work in Dumbo, you probably know about Atrium. It’s a big, good-looking restaurant with high ceilings, some outdoor seating, and a vaguely West Elm feel. The large menu has stuff like duck and macaroni and cheese, and if you sit at the bar from 5:30-7pm, you can take advantage of their oyster Happy Hour.


AmericanSeafoodRaw Bar  in  Gowanus
$$$$ 288 3rd Ave.

When: Weekdays, until 7pm

The Deal: $1.25 Oysters, $1 Littleneck Clams

Littleneck is a place in Gowanus decorated like a fishing shack you’d find on a remote stretch of coastal Maine, and, unsurprisingly, they specialize in seafood. Stop by at Happy Hour and get some excellent oysters for $1.25 each, or go for the $1 littleneck clams. If you want to eat a full meal that’ll make you feel like you’re near a beach or at least some kind of pier, follow those things up with a lobster roll or some steamer clams.


$$$$ 127 Atlantic Ave.

When: Weekdays, 5:30-7pm (At The Bar)

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $1 Prawns

At this point, most neighborhoods in New York have at least one place with exposed brick walls and well-maintained houseplants where you can eat a burger, some crudo, or a bowl of pasta. In Brooklyn Heights, this place is called Colonie, and it’s been around for a while now. This neighborhood spot has great food, and you can eat some inexpensive oysters at the bar during Happy Hour.

Concord Hill

$$$$ 374 Graham Ave

When: Daily, 5-7pm; Mondays, All Night Happy Hour

The Deal: $1 Oysters, Daily Food & Drink Specials

Concord Hill is a neighborhood place that you don’t really need to travel for, but you will find it useful if you live within a one-mile radius. They make solid versions of all the things you’ve come to expect from a seasonal American place (brussels sprouts, chicken, etc.), and the little dining room is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a casual date. There’s also a little patio out front, and it’s where you should be enjoying their oyster Happy Hour when it’s nice out.

Lot 45

$$$$ 411 Troutman St

When: Mon-Fri, 5-8pm; Sun, 5-10pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $3 Drafts, $5 Well Drinks, $6 Rose & Red Wine

Lot 45 is essentially an enormous living room that happens to be in a warehouse in Bushwick. It’s just off the Jefferson stop of the L train, and it’s great for dancing on weekends - but they also have a good weekday Happy Hour. It takes place every Monday through Friday (and from 5-10pm on Sundays), and it’s perfect for when you’re with a group of people who want cheap beer and oysters. If you only drink pink things, you’ll be glad to hear that rosé is also included in their Happy Hour.

Pinkerton Wine Bar

$$$$ 263 N 6th St

When: All Night, Every Night

The Deal: $1 Oysters

Technically this isn’t a Happy Hour (because it never ends), but you’ll still want to know about this place. Pinkerton is a wine bar in Williamsburg, and they do $1 oysters all night, every night. There’s also a good amount of space indoors and some nice outdoor seating in the summertime. It might not be as cool as the nearby Four Horsemen, but you also don’t have to wear something nice for fear that someone you follow on Instagram will see you.

Bearded Lady

$$$$ 686A Washington Ave

When: Weekdays, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, Daily Drink Specials

The Bearded Lady is a pretty ideal neighborhood spot. They make good drinks, there are plenty of places to sit, and there’s a pool table in the back. Also, oyster Happy Hour. This is a very relaxed spot to come eat some oysters after work in Prospect Heights. Claim one of the big yellow barstools or get a little table along the wall and pair your shellfish with a tiki drink.


$$$$ 688 Franklin Ave

When: Daily, 5-6:30pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $3 Cans of Beer, $5 Draft Beer, $6 Well Drinks and House Wine

One of our favorite restaurants in Crown Heights, Mayfield is the perfect place to stop in for an early evening snack and a drink. If you’re after more than oysters, you can also get a full dinner here - or you can just sit at the bar, watch some sports on TV, and see how many $3 beers you can get through before Happy Hour ends.

Noah Devereaux

Super Power

$$$$ 722 Nostrand Ave

When: Weeknights, 5-8pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters (Shucker’s Choice), $2 Off Drafts; $1 Off Cocktails

Super Power is a full-on tiki bar. Bendy straws, palm-tree wallpaper, little cocktail umbrellas - they have the works. You can even get a drink in a fishbowl. They’ll give you a few straws, but you don’t necessarily have to share. Eat some food, and you might be able to take down a few of these things. We’d recommend you start with the oysters at Happy Hour, which are a dollar. You won’t be able to pick the kind you get (it’s dealer’s choice), but there are worse things in life than drinking discount rum and eating good, cheap seafood.

Greenpoint Fish and Lobster

$$$$ 114 Nassau Ave.

When: Monday-Friday, 2-6pm, Weekends 4-6pm

The Deal: $1.50 Select Oysters and Littleneck Clams, $5 Beer, $6 Draft Wine

We love this place for lobster rolls and fish tacos, we love it for grabbing a nice piece of fish to cook at home, and we love it for oyster Happy Hour. You can always count on Greenpoint Fish & Lobster’s selection to be fantastic, and that four-hour window means you have plenty of time to get your fill.


$$$$ 145 Borinquen Pl

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters from 6pm-7pm; $5 Select Beer; $8 House Wine, Happy Hour Cocktail

Lighthouse is a place where everything seems to move at a slower pace. The atmosphere is incredibly laid-back, it’s never too busy, and the Happy Hour wine price applies to whatever bottle is open. (Go ahead and stay for dinner too - the entire menu here is great.)

St. Mazie

$$$$ 345 Grand St

When: Monday-Thursday, 6-8pm, Weekends, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1.50 Oysters, $12 For 6 Oysters And A Glass Of Sparkling Wine, $5 Tap Wines, $4 Brooklyn Lager, $3 Miller Hi Life

St. Mazie has become one of our favorite bars in Williamsburg. It has a fun, retro feel (without feeling kitschy), a pleasant back patio, and good live music most nights. Hit it during Happy Hour to take advantage of all of the $1.50 oysters. (And if you’re still hungry afterward, you can always walk across the street to Emmy Squared.)

Grand Army

$$$$ 336 State St

When: Weekdays, 5-7pm; Weekends, 2-4pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $1 Off Draft Beer and Wine By The Glass

If you work or live near downtown Brooklyn, Grand Army’s oyster and cocktail situation should be on your radar. The drinks are good, and their food focus is raw bar. They serve $1 oysters every day, so go hang and take a load off.


$$$$ 1433 Bedford Ave

When: Daily, 4:30-7:30pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $2 Off Drinks

Over in Crown Heights, Catfish is a little slice of New Orleans: Cajun food, strong cocktails, and a feel-good atmosphere. If you haven’t made your way there yet, their oyster Happy Hour - which lasts three hours every day and features a rotating selection - is an especially good time to do it.

Brooklyn Crab

$$$$ 24 Reed St.

When: All Day Tuesday & Wednesday

The Deal: $1 Oysters, $4 Narragansett Drafts

This rickety, beach-themed, indoor/outdoor bar and restaurant looks like it belongs on a boardwalk, in the sand, or on a dock. Mondays and Tuesdays are great days to head to Red Hook, eat a bucket of crabs, and chow down on $1 oysters. Maybe play in the sand or shoot a round of mini golf while you’re at it.

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