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Where To Eat Cheesesteaks In NYC

You don't have to trek all the way to Philly to eat a great cheesesteak.

New York has its staples like pizza and bagels, but when you think of cheesesteaks, Philly probably comes to mind first. But New Yorkers appreciate slices of steak grilled with onions and melty cheese in a warm roll as much as anyone else. If you consider Cheez Wiz one of the greatest American inventions, keep reading.



This place is tiny with just a few stools, but that’s fine because you don’t come here for the atmosphere. You visit this Williamsburg spot for Philly-style sandwiches, and while the roast pork is great, we prefer the cheesesteak. Fedoroff’s version comes with a generous amount of sliced beef along with fried onions and Cheez Wiz by default, and we suggest you don’t change a thing. Embrace the neon orange cheese product that you’ll almost certainly get all over your fingers.

Fifteen different kinds of burgers dominate the menu at Whitmans, but the best thing at this East Village spot is their cheesesteak. The soft bread is slightly toasted, the beef is a little crispy, and the charred onions are the perfect middle ground between crunchy and wilted. A Swiss and American cheese blend makes each bite a wonderful gooey amalgamation of every ingredient.

This West Village spot (with another location in FiDi) is where Philly fans congregate for Eagles games, which might make you a little ill if you’re a Giants fan. Just plan your visit on a non-game day, and get one of their cheesesteaks on a house-baked roll. Wogies has several varieties like one with Buffalo chicken, but our favorite combo is the classic steak with glistening Cheese Wiz and banana peppers. If you have room, add an order of garbage bread, which is like a calzone stuffed with ingredients from an Italian hero.

Like Wogies, Olde City (formerly Shorty’s) in Nomad is a hub for Philadelphia sports fans, and the cheesesteaks are worth a trip even if you couldn’t care less about the 76ers or Flyers. Everything about their cheesesteak is extra. The crusty hoagie rolls from LeBus Bakery (in King of Prussia) are huge, and there’s a ton of cheese and sliced steak. Their crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside fries are also great, and you can get them topped with bacon and cheese.

Rocco’s is a counter-service spot with a few locations in Philly and NYC, all of which are attached to Home Depots. A sausage sandwich is our go-to order, but you also need a cheesesteak. Theirs comes on a big, squishy hero, with plenty of onions and grilled beef spilling out the sides. White American is the default cheese, but you can also get Swiss, mozzarella, or provolone. Whichever route you choose, you’ll wind up with a hot, steaming mess that’s best enjoyed fresh off the grill.

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photo credit: Ryan Muir

Where To Eat Cheesesteaks In NYC guide image