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10 NYC Restaurants That Are Over 10 Years Old And Still Awesome

The internet is all about what’s new – especially when it comes to restaurants in New York City. You know that spot that opened back in October that was all anyone wanted to talk about? Yeah, well, the Torrisi dudes have opened four new concepts since then, so everyone has moved on. Get with the program and stop eating at old restaurants.

Every once in a while though, it’s nice to shine some light on the places that have endured the test of time. There aren’t many restaurants in this town that are still going strong after five years, let alone a decade.

Here are a list of ten spots that are at least ten years old and still every bit as good as the day they opened. We’ve checked in on each recently and can attest to their enduring greatness – so read a review, book a reservation, and appreciate the places in this town that don’t get talked about much anymore. Oh, and call your grandma. She could use some appreciation too.

The Spots


Opened in 1998 and still one of the best Italian restaurants in our fine city. If you haven’t made the trip to Park Slope for dinner at Al Di La, you need to soon. And if you live in or near Park Slope, you don’t need us to tell you any of this. Just carry on using it as your neighborhood hang and we’ll carry on being jealous.


Mas celebrated its eleventh birthday this year, and we stopped in recently to see how it’s holding up. The answer: It’s holding up GOOD. Before you go risk your money at the hot new tasting menu of the month that will probably just end up bumming you out, hit up this classic and see how it’s done. Or shall we say, how it has been done for over a decade.



East Village
54 E. 1st St.

Prune’s brunch has largely been responsible for keeping this famous East Village restaurant in business over the years, but it is and always has been a can’t-miss proposition for dinner as well. Hit it up for Date Night or Dinner with The Parents instead of chasing a reservation at one of the new hot spots that you can’t get into anyway.



194 Elizabeth St.

Peasant has been an Elizabeth Street staple since long before this area was such a big deal. Nowadays the cool people of Nolita are eating elsewhere, but the smart ones are still regularly hitting the bar here for some rustic Italian food in an excellent environment. You should be too.


Casa Mono

52 Irving Pl.

When was the last time you were at Casa Mono? Probably ten years ago. You should fix that. Put your name on the list, have a drink at Bar Jamón next door, and prepare for a meal full of octopus and jamón by drinking some rioja and eating…jamón. That’s how the Spanish do things and we’re not here to question it.


If you ask us, Extra Virgin’s longevity is due to it’s versatility. We’ve been coming to this place since back when blackberries were blue, and it’s never let us down. These days the restaurant is still as busy and reliable as ever, and those fries with gorgonzola cheese sauce have not gotten worse with age.


This is the restaurant that pretty much invented Brooklyn. It’s still incredibly good, and they even caught up with the times and accept credit cards, just in time for credit cards to be a thing of the past. Who do I Venmo to pay for my pasta?



Greenwich Village
170 Thompson St.

Lupa opened in 1999, and according to historical record/google, that makes it the oldest restaurant on this list. We still love it for an early in the week casual dinner, as do the people that have been using it accordingly since the Giuliani years.


Lure Fishbar

142 Mercer St.

John McDonald and Josh Capon’s Soho party boat is still a party, and it’s still pretty damn excellent. Hit it for a burger, some oysters, and a few stiff drinks, and spend some money like it’s 2004. Wait, was the economy good in 2004? We can’t remember.


So we have to admit, Via Quadronno has grown on us over the years. When we first started coming here, we were just annoyed by the crowds and the ungodly amount of money they charge you for the food. But as time has passed, we’ve come to appreciate the consistency, quality, and simplicity of the food at this Upper East Side staple. Also, last time we were here, I’m pretty sure we sat next to Ben Franklin. So that’s cool.


If you haven’t been out to Woodside for a meal at Sripraphai, you haven’t really eaten Thai food in this city. This Queens classic still packs ’em in, so if you’re making your inaugural visit, prepare to wait. It’s sort of a rite of passage, and it’ll be worth it.

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