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2016 Observations and 2017 Predictions

A look back on what’s transpired, and what the new year might hold.

Well, that was f*cked up. Is it just us, or do you feel like you're about to cross the finish line in the longest, most depressing marathon ever? And let's all agree that this is not about to be a glamorous, "look what we achieved" kind of finish. This is gonna be a chapped-lip, purple-faced, covered-in-pee and limping end to 2016.

But we here at The Infatuation refuse to let David Bowie and Prince leave us in vain. We're feeling optimistic about 2017, if not in terms of the actual world we'll be living in, at least in terms of the things we'll be eating next year. Here's our annual look back, and forth.

2016 Observations

  • Where are all the exciting, interesting new restaurants? We had a few, as we always do, but we also had a whole bunch of pricey French restaurants and high-end hotel food in 2016. Oh, and a place that serves super expensive chickens.

  • It looks like the food media's slobbery crush over chicken sandwiches has turned to mild indifference. Which was probably what it always should have been. Maybe at least then the sandwiches would have shown some interest back. Let's try to play it a little cooler next time.

  • Poké was definitely a trend.

  • But not as much of a trend as talking about poké being a trend was.

  • Found the exciting restaurants. They're all in LA. Like Destroyer. Yes, LA has a restaurant called Destroyer, and it's amazing.

  • Fast casual became the new term for "viable restaurant business."

  • We did get a few excellent new Indian restaurants this year, like Indian Accent. More of that please.

  • Turns out acai bowls might just be Brazilian soft serve after all.

2017 Predictions

  • Healthy food will continue to be a trend, to the point where we're all just eating ancient grains and paper.

  • A Sweetgreen will open in your apartment.

  • Hudson Yards might actually become a place where great restaurants exist.

  • Unfortunately, FiDi still won't be.

  • More London and Paris restaurants will open in New York.

  • More New York restaurants will open in LA.

  • Austrians will become the new Australians. All of our coffee will be replaced with wurst.

  • We'll all finally agree that ice cream is great, just how it is. Stop scraping it into rolls, and definitely stop putting it into a milkshake topped with a hamburger.

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