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Saint-Germain review image

NOLA Review


Saint-Germain is a fun wine bar in the Bywater with a five-course tasting menu.

Cane & Table review image

NOLA Review

Cane & Table

Cane & Table is either a restaurant with excellent drinks, or a cocktail bar with great food. Either way, it’s one of the best escapes in the Quarter.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop review image

NOLA Review

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

There are 257 terrible bars on Bourbon Street, but Lafitte’s isn’t one of them. Grab a voodoo juice, enjoy the patio, and be glad you ended up here.

Tipitina’s review image

NOLA Review


Tipitina’s is one of the best spots to see live music in New Orleans, and it regularly hosts some of the biggest brass shows in the city.

Pat O’Brien’s review image

NOLA Review

Pat O’Brien’s

With a flaming fountain, huge patio, and dueling pianos, Pat O’Brien’s is the go-to day drinking and late-night bar in the French Quarter.

Bacchanal Wine review image

NOLA Review

Bacchanal Wine

Bacchanal in the Bywater is a wine-fueled utopia, with nightly live music, a huge backyard, and an atmosphere that could never be duplicated.

Jacques-Imo’s Cafe review image

NOLA Review

Jacques-Imo’s Cafe

Jacques-Imo’s in Uptown is part-restaurant, part-party, and one place in New Orleans that could never exist anywhere else.

Cochon Restaurant review image

NOLA Review

Cochon Restaurant

The wood-fired oysters at Cochon are one of the single best things you can eat in New Orleans, and their cocktails are pretty good, too.

Galatoire’s review image

NOLA Review


Galatoire’s is an old school spot in the French Quarter known for tuxedo-clad servers, classic Creole food, and their very boozy Friday lunch.

Commander’s Palace review image

NOLA Review

Commander’s Palace

When you want a taste of true, classic New Orleans, grab lunch and 25 cent martinis at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District.

The Joint review image

NOLA Review

The Joint

Just around the corner from Bacchanal, The Joint serves all of the BBQ greatest hits and is a great spot to start a night out in the Bywater.

Lost Love Lounge review image

NOLA Review

Lost Love Lounge

Come to Lost Love Lounge in the Marigny for late-night Vietnamese food, stay for the cheap beers and friendly locals.

Compere Lapin review image

NOLA Review

Compere Lapin

Compere Lapin in the Warehouse District is a great group dinner spot, with large tables, a diverse menu, and lots of interesting wine.

Saint Bar & Lounge review image

NOLA Review

Saint Bar & Lounge

When it’s 1am and you just want to drink a few cheap beers and dance with some strangers, head to The Saint in the Lower Garden District.

Le Bon Temps Roule review image

NOLA Review

Le Bon Temps Roule

When you get out of a show at Tipitina’s, walk up to Le Bon Temps Roule to play some pool, catch more music, or just drink until sunrise.