Le Loup

If you peek right around the corner of The Optimist and look up, you’ll find a neon sign that reads “Le Loup.” When we first stumbled upon this place, it felt like that neon sign marked the spot of an oceanic treasure. But instead of rare jewels and golden chalices, we found a nautical-themed bar with some inventive and delicious cocktails. This is the type of place where you’ll find things like the fermented pineapple rind beverage known as tepache, sea buckthorn, and spiced brine in your drink. Le Loup is all hushed conversations tucked into dimly-lit wood-paneled coves and booths, fueled by rounds of raw oysters, bubbles, brambles, and deconstructed piña coladas—and it’s exactly the type of place you start or end the night with. 

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