Like the 30,000 people who came for a bachelorette party on Broadway and decided to stay, chef Sean Brock left his Charleston restaurants and decided to open a handful of spots in Nashville—maybe the best of them being Audrey. The concept is an ode to his Appalachian grandmother, and it’s like the MoMA meets a rustic mountain cabin inside—clean, sleek, and minimalist, but also warm. 

The menu shifts seasonally, but you’ll always find ancient grains and ingredients native to the South, especially ones that have been underutilized for decades. Think: cornbread, beer, and milk made with jimmy red corn, heirloom apples and potatoes paired with foie and black truffles, and desserts that make quick work of the tropical-tasting pawpaw fruit. It’s also worth checking out June, which is located upstairs and has a food-lab-meets-intimate-dinner-nook energy and a special sushi handroll night with fish flown in from Tokyo. 

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