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White Limozeen review image

NSH Review

White Limozeen

White Limozeen is a Dolly Parton-inspired rooftop hotel in The Graduate Hotel.

The Frothy Monkey review image

NSH Review

The Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is a neighborhood coffee shop serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, creative espresso drinks and freshly baked goods in a cozy cottage.

Rolf & Daughters review image

NSH Review

Rolf & Daughters

Rolf & Daughters in Germantown is where to go for fantastic small and shared plates and interesting wines, along with a great garden patio.

Fido review image

NSH Review


Fido is a great coffeeshop and all-day breakfast spot in Hillsboro Village where you could run into your sr. advisor from Vandy or a music publicist.

L.A. Jackson review image

NSH Review

L.A. Jackson

L.A. Jackson atop the Thompson Hotel in The Gulch is where you go with your friends to start your night, check out the view, and have good cocktails.

Duke’s review image

NSH Review


Duke’s is an East Nashville dive where you go to drink cheep beers and eat a good deli sandwich after having a few too many said-beers.