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The Continental review image

NSH Review

The Continental

The Continental is a mid-century American restaurant serving all sorts of classics inside the Grand Hyatt.

The Catbird Seat review image

NSH Review

The Catbird Seat

The Catbird Seat is an experimental/new American spot in Midtown with a fun U-shaped bar.

Bastion review image

NSH Review


Bastion is a very cool spot in Wedgewood-Houston with an ever-changing menu and great cocktails.

Adele’s review image

NSH Review


Adele’s is a neighborhood restaurant in the Gulch that serves upscale but approachable dishes from the chef’s family kitchen.

Lyra review image

NSH Review


Lyra is a Middle Eastern spot in East Nashville that serves great food and desserts but won’t empty your wallet - come with a group.

The Mockingbird review image

NSH Review

The Mockingbird

Mockingbird serves upscale diner food in a very attractive space in The Gulch.