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Butcher & Bee review image

NSH Review

Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee is a great spot in East Nashville with fantastic sandwiches and mezze.

The Frothy Monkey review image

NSH Review

The Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is a neighborhood coffee shop serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, creative espresso drinks and freshly baked goods in a cozy cottage.

51st Deli review image

NSH Review

51st Deli

51st Deli is a casual sandwich shop/convenience store that also has tacos, Mexican food, and a wide drink selection.

Earnest Bar & Hideaway review image

NSH Review

Earnest Bar & Hideaway

Hemingway’s Bar & Hideaway is a low-key restaurant in Wedgewood-Houston where you can have great cocktails and eat Korean fried chicken until 1am.

Fido review image

NSH Review


Fido is a great coffeeshop and all-day breakfast spot in Hillsboro Village where you could run into your sr. advisor from Vandy or a music publicist.

Duke’s review image

NSH Review


Duke’s is an East Nashville dive where you go to drink cheep beers and eat a good deli sandwich after having a few too many said-beers.