Phở Tây Hồ

Montrealers are an opinionated bunch, specifically about bagels and phở. Family-run Phở Tây Hồ is known for their long-simmered chicken broth and special Hanoi-style flavor mix, with just the right amount of cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise in the aromatics. You can find that broth for lunch or dinner at this informal spot, where the bowls are big enough to share. 

We usually start off with a super-fresh gỏi cuốn rice roll with shrimp and move on to phở or the equally wonderful tomato- and crab-filled bún riêu. If you can’t make it here in the evening, try Tran Cantine in St-Henri, or Épicerie Tran in Little Italy for lunch. Run by Phở Tây Hồ’s second generation, these two neighborhood spots offer smaller menus, but the same chicken broth phở as well as bánh mì with grilled meats or tofu.

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