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Le Super Qualité review image

MTL Review

Le Super Qualité

Le Super Qualité is an Indian street food spot in Villeray that's perfect for a solo dinner.

Epicerie Pumpui review image

MTL Review

Epicerie Pumpui

Pumpui is a Thai spot in Little Italy and is one of the best places for a casual dinner in the area.

Larrys review image

MTL Review


Larrys is a Mile End spot that’s good for any time of day.

Pizzeria Gema review image

MTL Review

Pizzeria Gema

Pizzeria Gema’s Neopolitan-style pizza and house-made charcuterie and custard make this Little Italy spot great for sharing with a few friends.

Fairmount Bagel review image

MTL Review

Fairmount Bagel

Montrealers take bagels pretty seriously, and Fairmount Bagels in Le Plateau is one of the best places to get them in the city.

Le Petit Alep review image

MTL Review

Le Petit Alep

Head to Le Petit Alep in Villeray for Syrian food in a lively space that won’t empty your wallet.

Elena review image

MTL Review


Come to Elena in Saint Henri with a big group for one of the most fun dinners in the city.

Mon Lapin review image

MTL Review

Mon Lapin

Mon Lapin in Little Italy serves a French-Italian menu that changes daily.