Jeninni Kitchen & Wine Bar

If loving Mediterranean food is your personality, then you’re going to be very happy at Jeninni. You’ll find choices like Turkish fried eggplant with urfa biber, Greek lamb shank with tzatziki and olive-herb salad, and French cod and shellfish stew with saffron broth. You’ll want to come here with a big group, so you can order a bunch of small plates, split everything, and maybe even add on a bottle of lambrusco or a Sardinian red wine. The large windows and natural light make it a pretty good lunch stop but dinner is even better. The warmly-lit restaurant toes that line between being sort of buzzy but never loud enough where it feels like you were standing next to an amp at a concert. There’s also an outdoor patio, but be sure to bring some layers when the ocean breeze inevitably starts rolling in.

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