Yellow Green Farmers Market

This is perhaps Hollywood’s greatest culinary attraction, if not the biggest food-related draw in all of Broward County. Located in an old lumber yard, this weekend farmers market has grown exponentially since it first opened. Now, it's an incubator for all sorts of small businesses—from coffee shops and taquerias to wellness products and jewelry. Not all of them are good, and crowds gathering in front of a stall aren’t always an indication of quality (case in point: Llanera Carne en Vara, a Venezuelan barbecue spot whose grilled meats are a bit dry and bland). The vendors change almost constantly, but there are some great standards, like Teff Fields, which sells vegetarian Ethiopian food, or Exotic Juices, where you can get layered tropical fruit slushies. The parking situation here can be a hellacious traffic jam (and costs $10 for every three hours), so try to carpool or find alternative transportation.

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