Wilton Creamery review image

Wilton Creamery

$$$$(954) 565-1183
Hours:MONDAY9:00AM to 11:00PM
Perfect For:Quick Eats

Wilton Creamery is an ice cream shop in Wilton Manors that specializes in some offbeat flavors like pineapple and cilantro or an aromatherapy ice cream inspired by the neighborhood’s many massage parlors. Some of the flavor combinations work better than others, but they have something for almost anyone’s taste, including a basic vanilla. The ice cream here isn't super rich, which makes it a light, refreshing option to help cool you down if you’re walking down the drive on a stupidly hot day. Like many businesses in Wilton Manors, this ice cream shop is very gay-friendly, so it’s an ideal spot to go on a date or have a kiki with your LGBTQ+ friends.

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