Vegan Cuban Cuisine

This spot in Kendall on Sunset Drive is so tiny that there isn’t even space to eat inside. Instead, they’ve taken up a parking space with a handful of wooden tables and umbrellas. The staff here remind us of the abuelas and tias we find at old-school Cuban restaurants, and (despite this being a vegan spot) the experience and food feels just like a classic cafeteria—down to the ventanita out front.

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The menu is devoted to classic Cuban dishes, like plant-based versions of Miami's favorite sandwiches and snacks. They make one of the best beef empanadas we've ever had (and yes, we know it's not real beef) with moist filling and all the right sazón. The croquetas deliver everything that we love about Miami's favorite food group: crispy exteriors that give way to soft, savory insides. The Cuban sandwich here is a little nontraditional with its mayo and sweet pickles, but it's one of the most satisfyingly rich sandwiches we've eaten in Miami, and we don't feel so guilty polishing off a whole one because we are, essentially, eating jack fruit and plant-based proteins. Make sure to finish with a flan, which is miraculously creamy yet refreshingly light.

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