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Tropezón is an Andalusian gin and tapas bar on Española Way. And not only is it worth weaving through the street’s omnipresent crowd of tourists, but it’s one of the best places to eat and drink in South Beach.

Drinking, though, should be the priority. Because while the food is good, the drinks are really good. Plus, the restaurant feels like a saloon in a spaghetti western, and is precisely the kind of setting that’ll put you in the mood for multiple rounds of cocktails and an overwhelming urge to buy a pair of cowboy boots. The space is split 50/50 between a dining room and a long bar, with old movie posters on the wooden walls and legs of jamón hanging from the ceiling. It’s the kind of snug bar that’ll make you wish Miami had an actual winter, just so you could spend it here.

Tropezón   review image

But it’s not just the environment that makes us want to drink here. Tropezón also has one of the most interesting cocktail menus in South Beach, featuring a selection of infused gin. Options range from mango to sour cherry to nori and shio kombu. You can order them neat and chilled, or put them to use in one of Tropezón’s very good cocktails.

You will, of course, probably get hungry along the way. A few negronis can do that to you. And that’s when Tropezón’s menu will come in handy. You can make a solid meal out of tapas like the pan con tomate, boquerones fritos, and the empanada murciana with saffron wagyu picadillo, which is sliced into triangular pieces like a meat pie. There are some bigger entrees too, in case you’re in the mood for a huge ribeye or arroz al horno. But there’s no need to come here with a stringent game plan. Tropezón is best experienced at a lazy pace, like one of those old westerns: a steady stream of cocktails, tapas, and white wine poured tableside from a porró. The only villain at the end of the third act will be the realization that you’ve been here for over two hours and should probably head home.

Food Rundown

Jamón Ibérico De Bellota

If you're sitting at the bar with a cocktail and aren't starving, but still want something to snack on, order this. The jamón is great—sliced thin with that distinct aged funk that only comes with a nice slice of jamón ibérico. Plus, all that saltiness will just motivate you to order another excellent cocktail.

Tropezón   review image

Pan Con Tomate

There are a couple interesting things about this pan con tomate—like the fact they use a turmeric sourdough and put a dollop of basil seeds atop each slice of toast. Still, the big flavor that comes through with each bite is primarily garlic and tomato. And that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Boquerones Fritos

Do not panic when these hit the table looking like someone accidentally left them in the fryer for nine hours. The boquerones’ midnight black color just comes from the charcoal tempura they use to fry the fish to a satisfying crunch.

Tropezón   review image

Tortilla Española

This is a perfectly lovely tortilla, with a fluffy egg holding slices of tender, thin potatoes inside. The menu says it also involves yuzu kosho and piquillo, but we couldn't taste either. We still happily finished it.

Tropezón   review image

Cowboy Ribeye

This is the kind of steak you want if you woke up craving red meat with the intensity of a tyrannosaurus rex. It’s a beautifully thick ribeye, presented in strips alongside the bone it was carved from. The flavor of the coffee rub they use on the steak comes through a lot, too.

Tropezón   review image

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