Tres leches cake is one of those desserts that seems to pop up on dessert menus in all sorts of Latino restaurants in Miami and even well outside of Florida. Is it Mexican? Is it Cuban? If you ask Nicaraguans (and many Miamians, too), you will undoubtedly get the same answer: tres leches is 100% Nicaraguan. And while there are plenty of places to get it in Miami, Tres Leches Factory in Doral is one of the best. It was started by a Nicaraguan woman decades ago, but when she decided to step down, a local non-Nicaraguan couple stepped in to take over, retaining the original recipe while sprucing up the place and including a few non-traditional options, like giving the option to add fresh berries instead of the traditional maraschino cherry topping. Tres Leches Factory also offers a cuatro leches topped with dulce de leche, a chocolate tres leches, and a ponche-like boozy tres leches infused with rum, along with a selection of flans too.

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13 Excellent Nicaraguan Restaurants In Miami guide image
13 Excellent Nicaraguan Restaurants In Miami

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