Toothfairy Bakery

Toothfairy Bakery is a dessert shop in South Beach that has soft serve and an assortment of cookies, cakes, and pies. All of the above are really delicious, especially the incredibly creamy and perfectly flavored soft serve. The baked goods are great too, and heavy on childhood nostalgia. One bite of the phenomenal oatmeal cream pie or the fudgey cosmic brookie is enough to give you summer camp flashbacks - while also making you mad at your favorite childhood snacks for not tasting this good. It’s mostly a to-go operation, and there are only a few seats inside the small shop, which is pretty minimal other than a paint job that makes you feel like you’re trapped inside a giant piece of cotton candy.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Michael Pisarri

Soft Serve

This is some of the best ice cream in Miami. The pillowy ice cream holds its shape but is still soft enough to run a plastic spoon through with zero resistance. Flavors include cookie butter, almond joy, taro, and strawberry. You can also mix flavors, which is a particularly good idea with taro and strawberry.

Oatmeal Cream Pie

The oatmeal cookies are delicious and the perfect consistency for a cream pie - firm enough to hold everything together but not so hard that cream squirts everywhere (stop giggling at those last three words, please) when you take a bite. The cream also has a great coconut flavor. If Miami had a Cookie Olympics, this would be our pick to take home gold in almost every competition

Toothfairy Bakery  review image

photo credit: Michael Pisarri

Banana Split Cake

This cake is one of the most visually interesting ones in the display case - and it tastes good too. It consists of three multi-colored layers of cake separated by (what tastes like) dulce de leche. On the outside of the cake, there’s a very aesthetically pleasing banana frosting that looks like The Michelin Man, if he made a wish to become delicious.

Guava Piña Colada Cake

This cake could not have a better name, because it tastes exactly how it sounds. And this is good, because “guava piña colada” sounds (and tastes) objectively wonderful.

Toothfairy Bakery  review image

photo credit: Michael Pisarri

Cosmic Brookie

If your mom used to pack Cosmic Brownies in your lunch when you were little, these are going to trigger some serious childhood flashbacks. This version is more of a cookie/brownie hybrid and, sweet nostalgia aside, they are 3,000% better than the ones we remember eating when we were in fourth grade.

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