Tipico Hondureño

This Honduran spot has a concise menu of favorites, including some of the best baleadas in Miami. The made-to-order flour tortillas are soft, fluffy, and sturdy enough to hold up to refried black beans, aged Honduran cheese, and a flood of mantequilla. It’s a tasty combo, but if you eat beef, order your baleada with carne asada, whose sour orange marinade and chargrilled smokiness go beautifully with the other fillings. Add a housemade tropical fruit juice (we like the nance), and you have a lovely meal for under $10. Típico Hondureño is a takeout spot, and there’s even a takeout window you can access from the sidewalk. There is a counter inside if you can’t wait to tear into your food or are trapped during an afternoon deluge, but it’s standing room only.

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