The Wagyu Bar

The Wagyu Bar calls itself “a casual steakhouse” and it’s the only place we’re aware of where you can show up in shorts and flip-flops and order a $180 wagyu tomahawk steak or a $225 olive-fed wagyu ribeye. There are slightly more affordable things on the menu too, like some tasty tequeños, burgers, and a ton of steak options ranging from a four-ounce filet mignon to that $180 tomahawk. It is, indeed, very casual in here. The dining room is small and bright, and there are TVs on the wall playing random cooking shows. This place makes a little more sense when you learn that they’re run by Meat N’ Bone, the butcher shop next door. It can be a good call if you’re ever craving some special occasion protein and aren’t in the mood to put on nice clothes.

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photo credit: Rami Sabban

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