The Drexel feels like the CEO of a wellness company’s vacation home. It has a crisp, pristine, minimalist interior that gives one the urge to take off one’s shoes and do a breathing exercise. The space is relaxing and beautiful, especially at night, with flickering candles on each table and an ocean breeze coming through the open doors. The food here—a mix of grilled veggies, proteins, pasta, and pizza—is also paired down to just the essentials. And while that aesthetic philosophy makes for a lovely dining room, it doesn’t translate to the food as well. It's difficult to tell if there is any dressing at all on the green salad, and the $30 flat-iron organic chicken—while tasty—is literally just a $30 half-chicken on a plate. Still, the food is solid (especially the pasta options) and the price point isn’t that outrageous considering the restaurant’s location on Española Way. This is no doubt one of the touristy street’s best options, and we’d come back here to sit at the bar because the cocktails are great. 

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