Sushi By Bou Miami

Brickell’s Sushi by Bou is less omakase as art and more omakase as capitalism. Make no mistake, this is a business, and it’s run like one. Meals are limited to one hour, chefs move furiously, and the staff resets the counter between seatings like a Nascar pit crew. The upside to this efficiency is Bou’s price point, which ranges from $60 for a 12-course omakase to $125 for 17 courses—much cheaper than Miami’s other omakase options. And even though you may feel a bit like a dollar sign on a spreadsheet here, the sushi (almost all nigiri) is actually good and the chefs are talented. It makes this place a solid option for omakase first-timers who want to get a feel for the experience without dropping $300, or folks looking for a unique meal before a night out. Just don’t expect to leave too full, even if you do opt for the 17-course option.

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photo credit: Courtesy Sushi By Bou

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