Sour Seed Bagels

If you keep a detailed spreadsheet of nearby bagel options, go ahead and add Sour Seed Bagels to it. This little Midtown spot is serving really good sourdough bagels with a crispy crust and excellent toppings. They have bagel standards, like a classic lox and a creamy egg salad. But they also have more creative options, like smoked river trout and the sweet and salty, which comes with tahini, smashed berries, honey, and salt. Whatever you get, order it with preserved lemon and Calabrian chili schmear, which has a perfect heat and acidity from the lemon. There's not much to the interior. It's mostly a takeout spot, although there are a few tables outside. It can get crowded on the weekends, so try to come early.

Sour Seed Bagels  review image

photo credit: Cleveland Jennings