Shirin Glatt Kosher is permanently closed

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Shirin Glatt Kosher

If you enjoy eating inside semi-abandoned strip malls as much as we do, then you’ll like Shirin Glatt Kosher - because it happens to be located in a semi-abandoned strip mall, and the food is better than most things you’d find in such a place. Here, on the second floor, stuffed into the corner of a humid food court, is a kosher Bucharian and Mediterranean restaurant. There are recognizable plates like lamb kebab wrapped in a pita or the shakshuka - both very tasty - but there are also some dishes that would cause absolute mayhem in a spelling bee - like the gojgije, which is essentially just a samosa filled with beef and onions. That and the mashed potato-stuffed piroshki are reason enough to make a trip to this place, which would work fantastically as the setting for a zombie apocalypse movie.

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