Sadelle’s Coconut Grove

Sadelle's is a big brunch restaurant in Coconut Grove, with an original location in NYC. Despite its size (which includes quite a lot of outdoor and indoor seating) it’s still a very difficult reservation to get, especially for weekend brunch. A big reason for that is because Sadelle's is a scene: the kind of buzzy spot people dress up for, and will brag about attending just a little too loudly in an expensive group exercise class the next day.

While the menu has its fair share of misses—including the woefully underwhelming $125 bagel tower that’s impossible to describe without using the word “scam”—there are some very tasty things to eat here. The french toast has a light crisp on the outside and a sweet, custardy interior. The excellent cheese blintzes should also be on the table, in addition to other small plates like the pigs in a blanket.

Sadelle's Coconut Grove review image

It’s not quite a reservation worth bending over backwards for, but if you get invited, or stumble in on a rare occasion when they have some walk-in availability, go for it. Just expect obnoxious prices and don’t you dare let someone talk you into going in on that bagel tower.

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