Planta Queen Coconut Grove

Planta Queen is an entirely vegan restaurant (they also have a sister restaurant in South Beach) in Coconut Grove. And even though the dishes here don’t quite do a pitch-perfect impression of the various Asian foods they claim to imitate, they’re still very good. Case in point: a vegan version of crab rangoon that doesn’t necessarily taste like crab rangoon, but is still one of the best fried dumplings in Miami—even before a dunk in the outstanding sweet and sour sauce. The compressed watermelon and miso-glazed eggplant nigiri are also tastier than a decent amount of Miami’s fish-based sushi. Planta Queen is very pretty too. The second-story restaurant has an open-air space, and is great for dates or special occasion dinners with a plant-based friend. Just please end the meal with the mochi, which are light and intensely flavorful. 

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