The sourdough pizza spot Old Greg’s has graduated from pop-up to brick and mortar. And even though ordering from Greg’s was sort of impossible during their pop-up days, we've had no trouble getting a table here so far. They’re operating out of the former Ghee space in the Design District, selling crispy square pies and (a new addition to the menu) truly excellent round pies with a sturdy crust and big sprigs of basil.

The first-come-first-served counter-service spot also has some extraordinary hoagies, wine, beer, and a very cool alligator mural (plus an equally great bathroom). It's casual in here—no need for a reservation or fancy clothes. Still, it's a great spot to split a bottle of wine and eat way too much pizza with a few friends.

Food Rundown

Chicken Caesar Hoagie

Greg’s hoagies are the sleeper hit of the menu. The chicken parm might catch your eye first, but go for the chicken caesar. It is a chicken caesar salad that saw a shooting star and wished to become a sandwich. Thin, tender chicken cutlets are stuffed between a perfectly crunchy house-baked hoagie roll. But what really makes this sandwich is the outstanding caesar dressing that acts as a condiment. Ask nicely for extra on the side.

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Veggie Supreme

We love a pepperoni cup as much as the next person, but the best pizza at Old Greg’s has zero meat. The veggie supreme is almost like if you took an excellent chopped salad and dumped it on a pizza. It’s topped with red onions, green bell peppers, olives, pickled banana peppers, and maitake and oyster mushrooms, which stand in wonderfully for protein. We like this best on the square pie because all those toppings need a sturdy crust.

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Round Pies

Greg’s is known for their square pies, but we would like to take a moment to remind you that this place also has round pies—and, from a pizza engineering perspective, they’re kind of better. The tasty sourdough crust is strikes that impossible pizza dough balance: it’s foldable, yet stiff enough to never flop over and spill all your toppings onto the table.

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Greg's Leches

If you have any more room left for bread in your stomach, end the meal with Greg's leches. This is one of the more interesting takes on a tres leches in town—a cheesy, rich bowl of olive oil cake and stracciatella topped with sicilian pistachio and fennel pollen. It's a great dessert, especially if you like your desserts more savory than sweet.

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