Mimi's Ravioli

Hollywood is one of the best destinations in South Florida for old-school red sauce Italian-American eats, and the epicenter of all that garlicky goodness is at Mimi’s Ravioli on Johnson Street. This is a small Italian-American grocery with its own pasta factory next door. The walls are lined with freezers filled to the brim with Mimi’s own homemade pastas, sauces, and prepared meals. They also have a bakery and pizza oven where you can get fresh ciabatta, calzones, cannoli, and more. The real draw here, though, is Mimi’s homemade mozzarella, which is made fresh every day. It’s creamy and moist and perfect in a salad. If you’re not planning on making your own caprese anytime soon, you can sample Mimi’s outstanding mozzarella on a slice of pizza or even a whole pie. There are a few tables on a narrow terrace outside, but most folks grab food to-go here. Just remember they close at 5pm.

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