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Coral Way’s Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse is a bit like going into a Target. Because even if you come here with the very specific intention of buying a single tiny, little pastel de nata, you will leave with a backseat full of things you did not intend on purchasing. Except here those things will be some of Miami's best sandwiches and cachitos instead of an irresponsible amount of throw pillows.

Majestic has a pretty wide selection of ready-made sweet and savory snacks you can pick up and eat in the car, on the likely chance you’re running incredibly late. But if you do have some time to sit down to a meal, focus on a couple of the sandwiches. The Francesinha—a knife-and-fork affair with four kinds of meat that’s as over-the-top as a Hialeah quince—is one of our favorite sandwiches in Miami. The simpler “nailed” steak sandwich isn’t far behind. But please do not leave here without getting a pastel de nata. These little egg custard tarts are one of the best pastries in Miami and are also small enough that you could easily down one even after consuming the Francesinha (or about six on an empty stomach). 

Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse   image

Majestic is certainly a fantastic grab-and-go option, but we also like to sit and relax here if we have the time. The strawberry blonde woods make it feel cozy on a gloomy Sunday but also make the space feel alive when the sun is shining through the plate glass windows. It’s the kind of place that can easily become a weekly hangout—and maybe if you show up enough you’ll eventually get an extra side of tomato gravy with your Francesinha. The service is very laid back, and the staff will let you enjoy a leisurely meal without ever rushing you out. 

Whatever you come here for—even if it’s just one little pastel de nata—you’ll find that and more, which actually makes the whole experience so much better than a trip to Target. They can’t even seem to stock the cotton swabs regularly.

Food Rundown

Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse   image

Pastel De Nata

If you have to get just one thing at Majestic, it needs to be this. Buttery croissant dough cradles a luscious egg custard filling with just a dusting of powdered sugar. Each one fits in the palm of your hand, which makes it very possible to consume two or three. Bring a box of these to your next social gathering instead of room temp pastelitos and you’ll become 75% more popular.

Cachito De Jamón

This is one of the best cachitos we’ve had in Miami. Majestic’s are engineered so you get a mouthful of chopped, sweet/salty ham no matter where you chomp into the pastry. It’s a must-order whether you’re in a rush or sitting down for a meal.
Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse   image


This is one of the best sandwiches in Miami, one of the best hangover cures, and one of the most gloriously messy things we’ve eaten in a long time. It’s an orgy of meats and carbs that starts with steak, ham, bacon, chorizo, and cheese between housemade toasted white bread. It’s topped with a fried egg, surrounded by a forest of crispy fries, and drenched in a beer-infused tomato gravy. It can be a challenge to finish this on your own, so bring fellow hungover reinforcements.
Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse   image

Prego Traditional No Pão

This sandwich’s menu description makes two claims: it features a “nailed” steak, and it’s the most popular sandwich in Portugal. The “nailed” part actually means that, traditionally, chunks of garlic are nailed into the beef with a meat mallet while it’s frying, which both infuses the steak with garlicky goodness and tenderizes the meat. As far as being the most popular sandwich in Portugal, just take a bite and you’ll believe it. The bread is crusty but doesn’t require you to tear into it like a rabid dog, and the steak is juicy and tender.


Salgados are a category of deep-fried savory snack popular in Portugal and Brazil. At Majestic, they’re all pre-made and ready to eat as soon as you order them from the display case, making for another on-the-go option. Some we like better than others, like the manchego cheese fritters, which resemble creamier croquetas. The shrimp fritters are another one we like and include chopped shrimp and a super garlicky bechamel.
Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse   image

Bacalhau Burger

This salted cod cake “burger” looks appealing with its charcoal-black bun. Add to that the fact that Portugal is known for its cod dishes, and you’d think this would be a winner. But it sadly disappoints. The bun has the texture of stale Cuban bread and the cod cake is chalky and overwhelming fishy. Stick to the classics and avoid this one.

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