Long Gong Chinese Restaurant

Long Gong may look like a generic strip mall Chinese restaurant, but it’s unique in that it specializes in dishes from Guanxi, unlike most of the restaurants in Miami, which serve food from Guangdong (a.k.a Cantonese food). So there are delicious things on the menu at this casual University Park spot you literally won’t see in any other Chinese restaurant in Miami. A meal here can include a clay pot of hearty braised pork belly and crispy fried taro wedges, delicate scrambled eggs with tomatoes in an intensely umami gravy, and cold shredded chicken drenched in a spicy, numbing chili oil. Ordering the Guilin rice noodles, though, is non-negotiable. It’s a famous dish from the owner’s hometown and includes a bit of tableside showmanship as a server pours a sweet and savory beef broth seasoned with Chinese five spice into a tureen of noodles and mixes in sliced beef, peanuts, and scallions before doling out portions into individual bowls.

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