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Le Bouchon du Grove


Le Bouchon is an incredibly charming little French restaurant right in the heart of Coconut Grove. And it’s truly a place that can trick your brain into thinking you’re in France for an hour and a half.

For one, they give you free champagne when you sit down, which is just plain lovely and so un-Miami. Also, the interior has the look and personality of a lively Parisian bistro. The menu features comforting French dishes served in generous portions. Start with the garlicky escargots (and remember to save some free bread for mopping up the sauce). The foie gras with crispy slices of toast is another starter worth getting on the table. And the mussels are a great entree. They easily feed two or three and come in a massive cast iron pot with a big pile of crispy french fries.

Everything is easy to share, and there are also affordable bottles of wine, so keep this place in mind for birthdays too. Especially because they play a birthday song (an endearingly odd dance remix of the Rocky Balboa soundtrack) for you at a hilariously loud volume.

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