La Viña Aragon Restaurant y Cafeteria

You need two very important things to eat at this Cuban restaurant in Hialeah. First, cash—they don’t accept cards. Second, bring a monstrous appetite. Portions here feed you for days. We really love the pollo empanizado. The breading on this chicken is so crispy it crackles like a campfire. But our favorite dish is the vaca frita. The first bite feels like a hug from your favorite grandmother (we all have one). La Viña is also great for breakfast. We love the fritos and revueltos with grits. You’ll notice a giant bottle of vinegar and peppers on your table—pour it on your eggs (or anything). The wood paneling and small counter remind us of the Miami we grew up in. And in a city full of good Cuban spots with bad service, La Viña stands out for its attention to detail and warm hospitality.

La Viña Aragon Restaurant y Cafeteria review image

photo credit: Tasty Planet

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