La Natural

La Natural is a Little River restaurant serving pizza and natural wine, in addition to some rotating small plates that mostly consist of seasonal vegetables. Pizza is the main attraction here, and it’s good, with a soft, fermented dough that has a light tang and a charred crust. Most of the pizzas use minimal ingredients, and there are some unique choices, like a very good white pie covered in diced scallions and a bit of szechuan pepper. The dining room is minimal, with empty white walls interrupted only by a shelf of natural wine. It’s a relaxing restaurant that works for a date spot or catch-up meal with a few friends who are down to split a bottle of wine and tear pizza apart with your fingers (since they don’t slice the pies here). Just make a reservation. Walk-ins aren't guaranteed a table. Also, they tend to keep their door locked for some reason. So don’t walk away thinking this place is closed.