Kush Wynwood

There are people out there who will tell you that Kush isn’t good anymore. That’s not quite true. Kush is pretty much the same it’s always been—now that the disastrous policy of charging extra for a side of fries, which sparked outrage among Kush loyalists, has been terminated. 

Kush is still one of the best places to hide from Wynwood, while being inside of Wynwood. The tiny, frozen-in-time dining room still provides comforting consistency in a neighborhood that’s constantly changing (mostly for the worst).

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photo credit: Tasty Planet

Nothing has necessarily happened to Kush, but something has happened around Kush since it opened in 2014 (and since its nearly identical predecessor, Lokal, opened in 2011). The list of Miami’s best burgers has gotten a lot more competitive. Smashburgers, wagyu patties, and squishy little housemade buns are now plentiful. By comparison, Kush’s menu feels a bit stagnant.

That’s OK. Such is life.

But while Kush has lost its place in the best burger conversation, it’s officially achieved the status of a Miami classic in our eyes (even though it opened when iPhones were invented). And it’s nice to know that, no matter how obnoxious Wynwood gets, we can come here knowing what to expect: solid burgers, local beer, fried alligator, thick key lime pie, and a mural of Purvis Young watching over it all. 

Here’s hoping the fries remain free.

Food Rundown

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Florida Alligator Bites

The fried alligator remains an essential Kush starter—both because the meat is fried nice and crunchy, and because of the pretty Old Bay presentation on the plate.

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Frita By Kush

This has always been our go-to burger order here, and it still is. Can it be a little inelegant? Yes. Sometimes the guava jelly is a bit too thick or thin. The bacon could be crunchier, and few more potato stix wouldn’t hurt. But it’s still a salty/sweet burger that satisfies, and a nice nod to some essential Miami flavors.

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Key Lime Pie

The key lime pie’s crust is thick, the whipped cream is fresh, and this slice earns its rank among the best key lime pies in Miami.

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