Horace Bakery and Restaurant

This North Miami Beach Haitian restaurant is in a tiny strip mall behind a Taco Bell. The takeout-only spot is often packed, but the line moves swiftly as customers grab boxes of fritay, stews, and other Creole dishes. If you’re running short on time, get something from the steam counter, like a solid legim, ble (stewed bulgur wheat), or mayi kole (cornmeal and bean stew), and you’ll be out in minutes. They also have buttery baked pate, rich Creole bread, and a locally made Haitian grapefruit preserve (chadèk) that we love to spoon over toasted pieces of kassav imported from Haiti and enriched with coconut and muscovado sugar. The service is quick and friendly. The fritay takes a little longer since everything is fried to order, but it’s worth the wait.

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