Hiyakawa is a Japanese restaurant in Wynwood that wins the award we just made up for “Most Interesting Ceiling In Miami.” But there's more to this place than the beautiful curvy wooden architecture (which kind of makes you feel like you’re eating inside a fancy cave). Hiyakawa also happens to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami.

The menu is broken up into a few categories—smaller appetizers, grilled and steamed dishes, fried dishes, soups, and some of the best sushi in Miami. Try to hit just about every section when placing an order—especially the sugata-mori appetizer. It's a rotating fish that's presented whole, with delicate strips of sashimi you get to grab right off the fish's belly. After you finish, it's taken back to the kitchen and fried whole, so you can pick the remainder of the crispy skeleton apart like potato chips. Sushi should be on the table too. You can order by the piece, but they have a few omakase platter options ranging from about $60 to over $100 that'll make life easier on you.

The restaurant itself is relaxing and intimate. Just about every table gives you a view of the chefs working behind the sushi counter, and the music is low enough that you won't have any trouble hearing the person in front of you. We could see Hiyakawa working great for a date, special occasion dinner, or any night you want to eat some really impressive raw fish underneath an equally impressive ceiling.

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