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Hammonds Bakery

Hammond’s is a Jamaican bakery in Lauderhill and our favorite destination in Broward County for patties and coco bread. The crusts on Hammond’s patties are crisp, thin, and very delicate. The fillings have a lot of rich, spicy gravy in them that pours out like hot lava as soon as you take a bite. Without being stuffed into a fluffy, buttery coco bread—which catches and soaks up all the gravy—all that filling will end up on your forearms, your shirt, your car seat, and that important document you grabbed in desperation to try and clean up the mess. So proceed with caution. Besides patties, Hammond’s makes some of our favorite versions of Jamaican baked goods in South Florida, including tender currants rolls, coconut filled gizzadas in crispy tart shells, and Easter buns flavored with sweet spices.

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Hammond’s Bakery review image
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