Guantanamera Cafe & Lounge

It looks like a tourist trap—we know. And its location on Calle Ocho probably lends itself to some sightseers. But don’t let the neon signs, giant cigar columns and Cuban chucherias deter you from coming here if you're in the mood to smoke. They have a decent selection of cigars in their small humidor, a coffee counter, a liquor bar, cocktails, and some appetizers. They even have live music on the weekends and karaoke on Thursday nights. The cigar lounge is lit with blue and red lighting—the color of the Cuban flag—and it’s filled with all kinds of nick-nacks and photos of old-timey Hollywood stars. There’s also outdoor seating, where the bar opens up to the sidewalk. And despite the scene, they take their cigars seriously enough to roll their own.

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