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This is South Florida’s holy grail of supermarkets and is the primary reason why people come to this strip mall in Davie. On the outside, it may seem like just another version of a Presidente or Sedano’s. But once you step inside, it’s like the United Nations of food. You’ll likely hear a dozen different languages spoken, from Bengali and Tagalog to Arabic, Serbian, and Maya. Every aisle stocks ingredients from a different region of the world: South America, South Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Caribbean, and so on. 

There is a halal butcher in the back as well as a conventional butcher that sells almost every part of the pig. The seafood department is one of the most varied we’ve seen anywhere, you’ll discover fruit you’ve probably never even heard of in the produce section, and there’s even a miniature Chinese bakery where you can grab mooncakes 365 days a year along with loaves of milk bread, BBQ pork buns, and light-as-air cakes. They also have a selection of sakes and some other Asian liqueurs, Middle Eastern and Balkan cheeses, frozen Turkish pastries, Indian TV dinners, Ayurvedic beauty products, and more types of tea than you can drink in a year. There is even a small steam counter where you can grab samosas, Bangladeshi curries, and pick out a whole fish that they will cook fresh for you. 

Foodtown is the perfect place to stock up on ingredients for any international recipe you’re attempting, or just a great store to visit when your pantry needs a makeover. There are a few things to keep in mind before you visit: It can get very busy on weekend afternoons and right around 5pm on weekdays, and the shelves can be a little disorganized, making it hard to find what you’re looking for. 

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