Fabel is an outdoor Wynwood clubstaurant with a clichéd beach club design, mostly good food, and excruciatingly slow service. It is far from Wynwood’s best dining option, but does earn its spot among Miami’s least-awful clubstaurants. And if you’re in the mood to share a juicy roast chicken and some solid Mediterranean dips with a few friends to a thumping soundtrack that gets progressively louder every hour on the hour, it’ll do. Just don’t expect a smooth dining experience. Fabel’s shipwreck-chic staff have their hands full performing mildly impressive but slightly unnecessary tableside presentations in tattered tunics, so service moves slow. When the food does arrive—salads, roasted vegetables, and shareable proteins—it will be better than you expected. The overall Tulum Lite vibe, though, is exactly what you expect from a restaurant that routes you through a bouncer before you get to the host stand.

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