Edge Brasserie & Cocktail Bar

Edge is an upscale spot inside Brickell’s Four Seasons, and this place really has two purposes. You could use it for any sort of fancy, formal meal—like wooing clients or a dinner with your partner’s hard-to-please parents. Or, you can just come here any time you want some excellent steak and are OK dropping a decent amount of money in the process. Also, the brunch buffet here is great (so, three purposes actually). Start with the really good charcuterie plate full of house sausage, various hams, and pickled things. Then, you can’t really go wrong with any of the steaks, especially the wagyu churrasco. It’s perfectly cooked to your liking, has a great sear, and is super flavorful despite being such a lean cut. The Aussie lamb chops deserve an honorable mention, too.

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