Dumpling King is a North Miami spot where you can get a whole bunch of very solid dumplings for less than $10. You won’t have to worry about still being hungry afterward; the pan fried dumplings are huge and stuffed generously with chicken, pork, beef, or vegetables. We like the soup dumplings a lot too, which are also the size of small water balloons and filled with lava-hot deliciousness. Dumpling King works great for easy weeknight takeout or a casual dine-in dumpling feast.

Food Rundown

Xiao Long Bao

If you go to Dumpling King and don’t order the xiao long bao (AKA soup dumplings), then you really haven’t been to Dumpling King. We particularly like the pork- and crab-filled versions. Place one on a soup spoon and pierce it with your chopstick. Suck out the rich broth that tastes equally of pork and seafood, as if it were made from some weird hybrid Pokemon (we’ll call him Porkle). Then sprinkle a few drops of vinegar over the dumpling and bite into the thick, chewy skin before getting into the meaty filling. Just try not to burn yourself along the way.

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Pan-Fried Dumplings

The pan fried dumplings here are also exceptional, and Dumpling King is one of the few places in Miami that steam-fries them with a flour slurry that evaporates in the pan to form a crispy spiderweb crust. We also recommend a drizzle of vinegar with these, which really lifts the flavors up to the next level.

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