Club Tipico Dominicano

This classic Dominican restaurant and nightclub has been around since the ‘80s. From Monday to Thursday, El Típico functions as a restaurant and serves solid versions of Dominican staples, including a great tripe soup with light, tender pieces of tripe. Other hits include one of our favorite versions of stewed oxtail in Miami, a generous serving of stewed goat, and one of the best chicken tamales we’ve tasted (that’s made even tastier with a dunk in their creamy pink sauce). There are plenty of tables to eat at, but we like to pull up to the bar, where it’s very easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. And while it definitely looks like you’re dining in a nightclub, weekdays here don’t feel clubby. It’s actually an ideal place to enjoy a quiet, casual weekday meal. Even on weekends, when they may have a live music act straight from DR, the vibe feels more like being at a house party than a club—and you can still get something tasty to eat.

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