Even though it’s been around for over 40 years (although under new ownership as of summer 2020) Christy’s isn't the kind of place we'd go to celebrate a special occasion. It’s expensive - even by steakhouse standards - and has a very strange interior, with blood-red walls and an odd mix of bright, colorful pop art that clashes with the whole aesthetic. A $28 “full” order of shrimp cocktail comes with just four overcooked shrimp. The sides, which any great steakhouse should knock out of the park, are also pretty disappointing. The potatoes au gratin are bland and under-seasoned, and the truffle mac and cheese is proof there is such a thing as too much truffle. The meat entrees - like the $54 prime rib - are fine, but not impressive enough to save the experience. Even the flammable tableside baked alaska doesn’t do that.