Chimichurri Donde El Primo

As dusk rolls around, one of Miami’s best sandwiches, the Dominican chimichurri, emerges in Allapattah. It’s a super savory patty-shaped meatball on a crisp water roll with lettuce, tomato, and pink sauce. This is one of the world’s great post-partying foods. There are food trucks and carts located throughout Allapattah that sell these. But our favorite is Chimichurri Donde El Primo, a truck that parks on 36th Street. They have some folding tables and crates scattered around, and if you’re lucky you may get an impromptu demonstration of some great merengue or bachata moves. When it comes time to order, we’re devoted to the ground beef version, but they also do one with shredded poached chicken that’s a bit lighter.

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