Chicken House #2

There are several locations of this casual Honduran restaurant in Allapattah. You can get baleadas here, but as the name implies, this spot specializes in pollo frito ceibeño (a.k.a. Honduran fried chicken). An order includes about a quarter fried chicken over a bed of either crispy thin green banana chips or thicker, freshly sliced, fried coins of green banana. The thicker ones do a great job of soaking up the avalanche of toppings that smother the fried bird: a combination of a sweet and savory mayonnaise-based sauce, mantequilla (Honduran sour cream), a cabbage salad with diced tomatoes and cilantro, and crumbled aged cheese. Things can get soggy if you take this to-go, so eat it at the restaurant, where you can order at the counter and grab a seat at one of the formica booths.

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